Modular Stainless Rifle Suppressor

Modular Stainless Rifle Suppressor

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Our modular stainless steel rifle-rated suppressors are available in just about any caliber.  With the option to choose your length you can go for short and handy or full length for maximum suppression. The industry-standard main tube thread of 1-3/8" x 24TPI allows you to use either the included back-cap or any other manufacturer's QD mounting system.


Includes threaded back-cap in 1/2" x 28TPI or 5/8" x 24TPI, main body tube, five baffle sections, and one end closure.  You can option to have it Cerakoted ($60) if you prefer a finish other than stainless steel.


We are currently using the ATF's eForm system to process either a Form 4 directly to you or a Form 3 directly to your local FFL/SOT.


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