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Cerakote is a high-performance finish for firearm components that is available in a multitude of colors.  Whether you are planning a new custom build or refinishing a rusted heirloom, it provides both the appearance and protection you are looking for.

We offer all Cerakote products; H-Series Heat Cure, C-Series Air Cure, Elite, and Clear Coats.  Our inventory of colors is ever-changing, but we strive to keep the most popular 30-50 options on hand at all times.  We can also do multi-color, stencils, custom designs, Gun Candy, etc.  Please add a note to your order indicating your color choice, or reach out to us with any questions.


Current Colors

Graphite Black (H-146)
Burnt Bronze (H-148)
Tungsten (H-237)
O.D. Green (H-236)
Satin Aluminum (H-151)
Magpul FDE (H-267)
Smith And Wesson Red (H-216)
Gold (H-122)
Stormtrooper White (H-297)
Magpul O.D. Green (H-232)
Bright Purple (H-217)
Zombie Green (H-168)
Hi-Vis Orange (H-346
Robins Egg Blue (H-175)
Blackout (E-100)
Matte Ceramic Clear (MC-161)
Black Cherry (Gun Candy)